Bachelor of Science (CBZ) and (PCM)

About the program B.Sc.PCM:

The program gives the student a chance to explore the domain of science further providing him with the opportunities and jobs in the field of their interests. They can be enter both private and government sectors through competitive examination. These basic courses open the door for advanced  professional studies.

Other highlights of the program:

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) PCM is a popular academic degree course among the science students after 12th  standard. In DBGI with unique course design students get a deeper knowledge in domain of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. Course is equipped with value added sessions like Workshops, Guest lectures; Exhaustive Practices etc. help our students excel in various opportunities which are available after B.Sc. PCM. For students who are interested in corporate jobs would be placed by Corporate Resource Cell (CRC) on very good salary making DBGI one of the top colleges for B.Sc. PCM course in Dehradun.


Candidate must have cleared senior secondary education with Science and Mathematics as a mandatory subject from a recognized board.


About the program B.Sc.CBZ:

The undergraduate course provides the candidate an insight into the subjects of Chemistry, Biology and Zoology. This course gives the candidate an opportunity to get into R&D department in both private and government sectors. Also for a person interested in teaching, taking up this course would prove beneficial. Along with post-graduation, the student may improve his/her chances to teach on a higher level.

Other highlights of the program:

DBGI has already proved its supremacy in other courses and is thus one of the best colleges in Dehradun. In spite of being a fresh course, B.Sc. CBZ has already got a good response in the past 2 years. The Institute provides in-hand experiences and opportunities to its students along with workshops and guest lectures.


Candidate must have cleared senior secondary education with Science and Biology as a mandatory subject from a recognized board.



Bachelor of Science in PCM and CBZ  are both 3 years long course

The B.Sc. PCM and CBZ program at DBGI:

Affiliated to Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University (SDSUU), Badshahithol, Tehri, Uttrakhand.


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