28 Aug 2019

What it’s like to study Architecture at Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture and Design

A Bachelor of Architecture is an interesting study of design, culture, science, and technology. If you are interested in creating and designing buildings and developments after you graduate, you may find that a Bachelor of Architecture from Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI) is the right degree for you.

DBGI’s architecture course prepares students for a range of careers in areas such as housing, project management, urban design, landscape architecture, and city planning. A degree in architecture will help you fulfil your dream – be it creating works of art or designing the tallest skyscraper. DBGI’s B.Arch. is designed is to equip students to deliver results using both, creativity and technicality.

The study of art – Architecture

One of the most prominent benefits of this course is that students get the practical exposure of architectural wonders during the study period. Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture (DBSA), as a part of its curriculum, hosts yearly study tours for its students to witness one of India’s many iconic structures and luxurious hotels. Such study tours help students understand different cultures and take away inspiring learning back home.

Personalized and learning-driven space

While the answer to transformation of students does not solely depend on the architecture of the institute, but the teaching methodology plays a huge role in supporting and creating seasoned professionals. DBGI’s personalized and learner-driven classroom spaces support student collaboration and flexibility with educators as well.

The classroom spaces are equipped with flexible seating options so that the allotted area can be utilized for different purposes. There are independent seating options for students who want to learn and investigate at their own pace, in their personal space. Creating such flexible interior settings is one of the crucial steps taken by DBGI towards personalized learning for students.

Who can pursue DBGI’s B.Arch.?

DBSA offers a full time 5-year degree course in architecture and design. B.Arch. generally requires students to clear 10+2 education with Mathematics as the mandatory subject. Besides, the students also need to have a valid NATA 2018-19 score or JEE Mains paper II/2019 score. During the period of course, the students are expected to attend classes in AutoCAD, Revit, Google Sketch Up, Photoshop, and Designing software.

Prospects for Architecture graduates

One of the biggest advantages for DBSA graduates is the ability to utilize their creative skills in their jobs. Architects are in demand in almost every city and country in the world, giving the students the freedom to work and live anywhere they want.

To develop a learning institute isn’t just about making spaces and walls workable; its about creating an environment where the learning needs are met, students feel inspired, and teaching becomes transformational.