15 Oct 2019

5 things you must know before joining a degree in Bachelor of Hotel Management

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 Talk of a truly boundary-less, borderless career and a Bachelor of Hotel Management actually gets to experience that in real! From being a magician in the kitchen or an absolute charmer in the world of hospitality, a Hotel Management professional gets to travel and see the world simply because of the extensive networking, job opportunities, growth platforms, profiles and glamour associated with their job roles! But, do you really have it in you to be a Hotel Management graduate at all?

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About Bachelor in Hotel Management at Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), Dehradun

 DBGI’s Hotel Management curriculum integrates the latest innovations and practices of the industry. Delivered by top practitioners and academicians coming from across the country, the course is dense with practical sessions, interfaces, workshops, conferences, seminars and symposiums where students get to learn hands-on from a veteran of the Hospitality world. Department Of Hotel Management of DBGI is further associated with Taj, Le Meridian, Royal Orchid, Zuri, Shangri La, and many other renowned hospitality units to give students a complete experience throughout their 4 years of extensive training and learning at the School.

Here’s your 5 must-knows prior to picking the program:


Prepare for 4 years of hard work and complete dedication

If you thought an HM degree would be a cakewalk, no way! Ask an HM graduate and you would learn about the number of hours and days spent working relentlessly to execute projects, assignments, fieldwork, internships, case studies, presentations and more.

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Your curriculum will be rigorous

You will learn firsthand how to plan, build, prepare and perform within a flourishing HM career. A reputed HM degree school’s curriculum hones in on the necessary business savvy needed in the modern hospitality and restaurant industries. An important part of the Hotel Management education experience is gaining hands-on experience in the industry. After three years of intensive classwork, you get to immerse yourself in a1 year internship program, which places you in the heart of the job market, be it in a restaurant, hotel, catering kitchen or other culinary business.


You would be joining a very popular industry

Yes, Hospitality is a booming sector all across the world and in India! With Gen Z’s immense quest for travel, the hospitality sector has revived significantly than what it was in the past few decades. In fact, with the advent of new technologies like cloud, integration of AI with Machine Learning, the intervention of Augmented Reality, biometric technology for extra privacy, etc. there has been absolute ease in traveling hassle-free. Naturally, the sector has been witnessing demand for professionals who are graduating from distinguished universities and institutions in the world.

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Your networking skills are very important

A Hotel Management professional got to network extensively. To build relationships and to maintain them are among a few extremely important qualities an HM professional got to have in order to survive successfully within the industry. The more you network- the more you ensure your rise within the industry.


Dabble with job roles

A Hotel Management professional ideally looks forward to job roles such as- Accommodation Manager, Catering Manager, Chef, Conference Centre Manager, Event Manager, Founder of hospitality units, etc. however, mostly, they start humble. Hollywood star Tom Hanks was a Hotel Bellhop before he made it to stardom.  Lady Gaga worked at a Street Café before she became who she is today. Closer to home, Sanjeev Kapoor started his career as a Kitchen Trainee. Jiggs Kalra was writing food reviews for Illustrated Weekly before trying his own hand in the kitchen. Needless to say, be ready to dabble with job roles in the hospitality industry, and the sky is your limit.

If you are looking to join a 4 years’ degree program in Hotel Management, do the following research before you select your training school- who is teaching you, how intensive is the course curriculum, what accreditation or affiliations does your School bring with it, its ranking, the multi-disciplinary aspect within the teaching module, internship opportunities and alumni achievements. Consider these factors and thereafter, settle to shake the world.