From the Chairman’s Desk .….

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutes was commenced with the vision to stimulate a reformation in the educational industry and pervade the void of ignorance in the society. It is a privilege to serve the society and eradicate ignorance from the dogmas of the community. ”

Education should be propagated, absorbed and implemented in such a way that it could be felt physically as well as instinctively. Notable reforms in educational sector have shifted the paradigm from ‘no ledge’ to ‘knowledge’ that certainly is an impinging sign of growth, development, and success of an individual in micro context and nation as a whole in macro conjuncture. It is undoubtedly a  meticulous initiative taken by Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions to make approachable the quality education to every aspirant who wishes to make his/her career a promising and meaningful one. The Institute portrays the tableau of various endeavors and educative projections in the purview of imparting excellent academics and concrete professional skills to the students. It is a matter of pride and honor for entire DBGI family to complete its thirteen years of a glorious journey and heading towards paramount heights and success in current and coming years. Whereas imparting quality and purposeful education to the students has always been the prime objective of the Institution, at the same time encouraging the initiative and involvement of every student towards creativity is also one of the major objectives of the Institution as it sharpens the potentials of the students to a greater extent. Excellent placements to the students accompanied by lucrative salary packages and inevitable mechanism of discipline are undoubtedly the strong pillars of the success of the Institute. The foundation theme of DBGI speaks about “Siddhirbhavati Karmaja”, that is Success is born of Action, which further means, “Success is sweet but its secret is sweat“. This simply is the reason to have trust in hard work that showers sprinkles of achievements and success on our students.  I’m extremely happy to witness the same fire of success in the temperament and enthusiasm of our students. I’m extremely proud to be the chief protagonist of such a fabulous educational fraternity which attempts to display the spectacular spectrum of talent residing in the cognitive domain of the students.


Sanjay Bansal

Chairman – DBGI