B.Tech – Computer Science & Engineering at DBIT

B.Tech – Computer Science & Engineering

About the program:

Computer Science and Engineering is a prominent engineering discipline that combines various fields of electrical and computer science engineering. This combination helps in imparting students the basic concepts, theories, and techniques required to develop computer hardware and software. Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering (B.Tech – CSE) is a 4-Year undergraduate course that deals with the various aspects of computing, development, programming and networking, etc.

Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology (DBIT), provides Btech CS Course in Dehradun Uttarakhand is aimed at nurturing CSE professionals with the foundation of adapting new computer technologies and ideas. Under the B.Tech CSE at DBIT, students are provided with various specializations namely, Data Science, Cyber Security, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Android. Students learn Big Data, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Java and Python programming, Website Development, Android Applications, JavaScript and Angular JS and LINUX System Administration through different specializations under the degree. The institute provides a scientific and practical approach to various technologies and their applications. The institute involves students in tasks including computer architecture, database management, designing operating systems, design and analysis of algorithms, cryptography and network security, etc.

  • Approved by AICTE, New Delhi.
  • Affiliated to Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU), Dehradun.


Eligibility and Duration:

  • The candidate must have cleared senior secondary education with Physics and Mathematics as mandatory subjects and any one of the subjects-Chemistry / Bio-Technology/ Computer Science / Biology from a recognized board.
  • Or the candidate should have cleared a 3-year Diploma from an AICTE approved institute.
  • Or he/she may have cleared B.Sc. from a recognized institute along with Mathematics as a compulsory subject in class 12.

Total intake: 120


It is a full time course, 4 years in duration divided into 8 semesters and 3 years in duration divided into 6 semesters for lateral entry.

Fee Structure:

B.Tech First Year -Per Year55,000 + 55,000 = 110,0004 Year
B.Tech Lateral Entry – Per Year40,000 + 40,000=80,0003 Year

Other Fees

Application & Admission Fees6200.00 (Non-Refundable)
Academic Security3000.00

Highlights of the program:

  • Experientially balanced course curriculum which provides students with both the theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to prepare industry-ready potent individuals.
  • The institute organizes various seminars, guest lectures, projects, quizzes, events and industry visits etc. to help students gain essential knowledge and exposure to real work and to encourage leadership and teamwork skills.
  • The institute offers a pool of highly qualified, talented, accomplished and experienced faculties who along with providing the academic knowledge, also provides students with the proper guidance regarding both personal and professional life.
  • The department has an advanced lab facility with the latest equipment. The institute possesses high-tech laboratories like System and Network Administration Lab, Web Development Lab, UNIX/LINUX Lab, Data Structures Lab, Computer Graphics Lab, Compiler Design Lab, Software Development Lab, Advanced Java Lab, OOPs Lab etc.
  • Students get to work on various industrial projects in pre-final and final years which help them build practical and experimental aptitude.
  • The department also conducts value-added courses for the holistic development of the students.

Resources :

The institute provides its students with experienced faculty and well-equipped labs namely:

System and Network Administration LabWeb Development LabUNIX/LINUX Lab
Data Structures LabComputer Graphics LabCompiler Design Lab
Software Development LabAdvanced Java LabOOPs Lab
3rd Semester
Subject’s NameSubject’s Code
Discrete StructuresTCS-301
Computer Based Numerical & Statistical TechniquesTCS-302
Data StructuresTCS-303
Digital Electronics & Design AspectTEC-301
Object Oriented ProgrammingTCS-304
Engineering Economics & CostingTHU-301
Computer Based Numerical & StatisticalTechniques LabPCS-302
Data Structure LabPCS-303
Digital ElectronicsPEC-350
Object oriented programming using Java/C++PCS-304
Personality Development/ General Proficiency
4th Semester
Computer OrganizationTCS-401
Unix & Shell ProgrammingTCS-402
Theory Of Automata & Formal LanguageTCS-403
Database Management SystemTCS-404
Software EngineeringTCS-406
Unix & Shell Programming LabPCS-402
Database Management System LabPCS-404
Microprocessor LabPCS-405
5th Semester
Computer GraphicsTCS – 501
Computer NetworkTCS – 502
Design & Analysis of AlgorithmsTCS – 503
Principles of Programming LanguagesTCS – 504
Advance Java ProgrammingTCS – 505
Modeling & SimulationTCS – 506
Computer Graphics Lab.PCS -551
Computer Network Lab.PCS-552
Algorithms Lab.PCS-553
Adv. Java Lab.PCS-555
6th Semester
Operating SystemTCS – 601
Compiler DesignTCS – 602
Artificial IntelligenceTCS – 603
Graph TheoryTCS – 604
Visual Programming &DotNet TechnologiesTCS – 605
Principles of ManagementTHU – 608
Operating System LabPCS-651
Compiler Design Lab.PCS-652
Artificial Intelligence LabPCS-653
Visual Programming Lab.PCS-655
7th Semester
System AdministrationTCS- 701
Advance Computer ArchitectureTCS -702
Data Warehousing & MiningTCS -703
Wireless NetworksTCS-073
Quality System & Management
ProjectPCS -757
Industrial Interaction/Seminar (Term Paper)PCS-758
System Administration LabPCS-751
8th Semester
Distributed ComputingTCS -801
Web TechnologyTCS-802
Advance Computer NetworkTCS-083
Cryptography & Network SecurityTCS-089
Web Tech LabPCS-852
Project LabPCS-857

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