The department of Computer Science & Engineering was started in the year 2005 with the inception of the institute and now recognized as a one of the premier department with world class laboratories & industry oriented training that matches best engineering institutes in India. In our department we stick to our vision that is to impart students with quality training so that we provide society the engineer with solid base so that they meet the criteria of the ever changing requirement of the industry.

We provide our students with Two Value added/Certification course design by the experts from the industry of 40 hours each other than the regular syllabus designed by the University. Through mentor system in our department we are committed that our students get continuous mentorship from well qualified faculty members. It keep them motivated and help them high in the area of research.


  • Meet the ever changing requirements of the industry by quality education through a well-designed curriculum in tune with the challenging software needs of the industry.
  • To develop the art & science of creating the new computational system among students.
  • Developing linkages with world class organizations to strengthen industry-academia relationships for mutual benefit.


  • To achieve global identity in filed of computer science and engineering ,by imparting research and quality training to meet the ever changing requirements of the industry and society.

Our Courses

Mr. Dhajveer Rai


Computer Science and Engineering Department are active with several activities annular the year. The administration offers Graduate and Post Graduate programs. The Department has well highly experienced and committed faculties and well-developed laboratories; to accouter acceptance to cope up with the fast alteration industry requirements. We accept analysis focus that allowances industry, affiliation, and the environment.

TThe department strives for the overall development of students by arranging industrial visits to reputed industries and research organizations, invited talks by eminent personalities and technocrats, organizing National & International conferences, seminars on recent developments. Being aware of social responsibilities, we inculcate the entrepreneurship development activities, personality development activities.

We are bound to mold our students to become successful engineers in the field of computer science, entrepreneurs and future leaders with knowledge, analytical skills, creativity and ethics to develop the innovative solution to challenging problems. Our students find placement in top ranking industries and research organization.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
– Abraham Lincoln

Our faculty has extensive experience in research as well as teaching. Our strength is a reflection of their skills, innovation and drive.

Value added courses in accession to approved syllabus is highly demanding and attracts exceptionally meritorious students from all over India. Students are exposed and trained in various value-added courses like Android, Python, JAVA, Dot NET, and CCNA by the experts from various institutions to motivate them in the core domain. Frequently organized seminars, symposia, workshops, conferences and faculty development programs focusing on the latest development in technology imbibes competency, leadership qualities, enhancement of positive attitude and teamwork.

Computer Science and Engineering acceptance are in top appeal as far as industry recruiters are concerned.

3rd Semester

Subject’s Name Subject’s Code
Discrete Structures TCS-301
Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques TCS-302
Data Structures TCS-303
Digital Electronics & Design Aspect TEC-301
Object Oriented Programming TCS-304
Engineering Economics & Costing THU-301
Computer Based Numerical & StatisticalTechniques Lab PCS-302
Data Structure Lab PCS-303
Digital Electronics PEC-350
Object oriented programming using Java/C++ PCS-304
Personality Development/ General Proficiency

4th Semester

Computer Organization TCS-401
Unix & Shell Programming TCS-402
Theory Of Automata & Formal Language TCS-403
Database Management System TCS-404
Microprocessor TCS-405
Software Engineering TCS-406
Unix & Shell Programming Lab PCS-402
Database Management System Lab PCS-404
Microprocessor Lab PCS-405

5th Semester

Computer Graphics TCS – 501
Computer Network TCS – 502
Design & Analysis of Algorithms TCS – 503
Principles of Programming Languages TCS – 504
Advance Java Programming TCS – 505
Modeling & Simulation TCS – 506
Computer Graphics Lab. PCS -551
Computer Network Lab. PCS-552
Algorithms Lab. PCS-553
Adv. Java Lab. PCS-555

6th Semester

Operating System TCS – 601
Compiler Design TCS – 602
Artificial Intelligence TCS – 603
Graph Theory TCS – 604
Visual Programming &DotNet Technologies TCS – 605
Principles of Management THU – 608
Operating System Lab PCS-651
Compiler Design Lab. PCS-652
Artificial Intelligence Lab PCS-653
Visual Programming Lab. PCS-655

7th Semester

System Administration TCS- 701
Advance Computer Architecture TCS -702
Data Warehousing & Mining TCS -703
Wireless Networks TCS-073
Quality System & Management
Project PCS -757
Industrial Interaction/Seminar (Term Paper) PCS-758
System Administration Lab PCS-751

8th Semester

Distributed Computing TCS -801
Web Technology TCS-802
Advance Computer Network TCS-083
Cryptography & Network Security TCS-089
Web Tech Lab PCS-852
Project Lab PCS-857

Some of the prominent Labs in the Department are:

  • Programming & Web Technology Lab
  • Data Structures & Algorithms Lab
  • Data base Management
  • Software System Lab
  • Website Development & Digital Marketing Lab
  • Operating Systems Lab
  • Object Oriented Programming Lab
  • Computer N/W & Information Security Lab
  • Research Lab