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Management fraternity is all about making the learners more comprehensive towards their outlook and projections. Teaching and learning could be made more effective and meaningful if the students are regularly counseled, to dig out their queries, desperations and unrest (if any) from within the heart and soul of the students. The old adage of a teacher is a friend, philosopher and a guide is truly witnessed when a teacher also counsels his students, relieving them from unwanted mental fatigue. Interaction, Induction, Innovation, Improvisation and Intelligence is the 5 ‘I’s that drive the educative system of professional institutes like us.

Management is the soul of the professional world, the blood of decision process and the spine of every execution system without which every working system is incomplete. Management fraternity at Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology is a proactive and a visionary component that enthusiastically promotes the above cause by imparting experiential and applicable education that attempts in rejuvenating the thought process of the students. The impinging teaching methodologies of Management truly transplant a layer of edification over education, thereby shaping the complete holistic personality of students. It encapsulates the modern techniques of mentorship whereby meticulous emphasis is laid on the application based pattern. In continuation of which a good number of guest lectures, seminars, symposiums, workshops and industrial visits are conducted by the management department that gives an impeccable opportunity to the students to explore their outlook and perceptions.

Management Department is a dynamic rendezvous of future competent technocrats and professionals.


To provide the utmost and exemplary prodigal managerial platform by facilitating purposeful and dynamic business education to the students by virtue of which every student could be transformed into a competent professional possessing the acquired managerial outlook. To emerge out as an influential pathfinder for management professionals where they could utilize their core competencies in producing , processing and efficiently handling the resources. To develop capable management incumbents for the professional world of today.


To equip the students with every single minuteness of managerial efficiency so that they could penetrate their decisive sharpness in giving the desired shape to the organizational culture. To expose the learners to a productive learning environment where they could get ample opportunities to manifest their skills.

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Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)

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Master of Business Administration – M.B.A Admission Open 2020

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Message From HOD'S Desk

I welcome you on behalf of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions(DBGI). I take the onus and great sense of responsibility in thanking the parents who trusted us in the igniting process of the young managerial minds and the beloved students of our Institution who shared the DBGI value system for meeting the expectation of their defined dream come true. I am proud of the group direction and of the progress we’ve made to enrich the DBGI experience and to prepare students to lead lives of impact and meaning. The faculty members continue to demonstrate a passionate commitment to maintain the highest standards of academic excellence. With challenges ahead, we must strive to equip the leaders of future with competence and excellence to address the societal need.

Corporate works on the philosophy of the evolutionary theory of “Darvin’s Survival of the fittest” which is eternal and contemporary in meeting the corporate customized needs through change process. Department of MBA here at DBGI, Dehradun is agile in meeting the true corporate needs through versatile and visible methods of training to our students. We are indebted with feedback that we receive from Industry and our Alumni’s and integrate the same while enriching our learning process modules. This is only due to this magic that our students could proudly sustain the corporate pressure in leading the corporate arena.

DBGI at Dehradun has been able to fulfil its vision to be an interdisciplinary Institute of repute with different department contributing to teaching, research and capacity building. Over the years, we’ve have been shaping the corporate attire & desire of our students through the contemporary corporate practices and their customized needs. Few glimpses of the academic pedagogy can be charted down as regular industry-academia interaction, Practical hands on training through capstone projects, Industrial visit and presentation thereafter, Role play techniques and insight through corporate management simulation practices.

Thank you for all you have done to be a part of this incredible place. I remain committed to developing this Institute as group to become one of the most reputed global institutions of excellence. Through the commitment and dedication of students, faculty, and staff who are the champions of our future, we are poised to embark on another exceptional year.