20 Nov 2019

80 Hr Short Term Course on Digital Marketing by Department of Management


Advent of internet has led to the tremendous growth of the digital platform and resulting in immense connectivity to the people; hence it offers great opportunity for marketers to engage them with various marketing programs and campaigns. According to the Kantar IMRAB internet users in India are expected to grow double digit and reach around 627 million by the end of 2019 whereas in December 2018 number of the internet users in India were estimated to be around 566 million with an annual growth of 18%.

As more than half a billion people are connected through the internet it offers never before seen audience size to the marketers for consumption of their products and programs  which  gives rise to need of technically trained manpower in the arena of digital marketing. Therefore to fulfill industry need and to open doors of digital marketing firms for our students we are Launching “Digital Marketing Lecture series” in our campus.

Digital Marketing lecture series is an eighty hour classroom program for our students which is divided into eight modules. These modules are specifically designed to suit the industry need as well as to make our students well versed with the nuances of the digital marketing

Digital marketing Lecture series is being taught by renowned Faculty Prof.Vardrankur  Sinha whose media firm Vardrankur media is pioneer in fulfilling digital marketing needs of the city residents.

AIM of the Events

  1. To make students well versed with different digital platforms
  2. To make students aware of various digital marketing programs
  3. To learn about various analytics performed in digital arena and its application in sales and marketing programs
  4. To learn about opportunities offered by digital platform for marketer’s
  5. To make student competent enough to run digital marketing programs independently
  6. To enhance the employability of the students


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