20 Sep 2018

Construction Yard Practice in Department of Architecture


An event of construction yard practice was organized by Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture, one of the top architecture colleges in Dehradun, Uttarakhand on 20th and 21st September in which the 1st and 2nd year students of Bachelor of Architecture participated and learnt about the masonry laying techniques and the processes involved. The event was organized to make them understand the basic materials of construction by familiarizing and working with them. Students learnt about the mortar and its mixing and the ratio between, sand, cement and morum with the appropriate ratio of water. The students of Bachelor of Architecture were also informed about  the quality, defects and class of brick i.e. first class, second class and third class brick by observation, appearance and sound test.

They learnt to make various brick bats and closures with various masonry tools. This exercise helped them to understand about masonry tools like shovel, hammer, plumb bob, thread etc. and their proper use and handling with safety.

After gathering the knowledge of tools and materials, student got involved in the laying process and they showed interest and excitement while learning. Students of both the batch started with laying foundation. They learnt how to lay the bricks along a straight line with the help of thread and plumb bob, in pattern of English bond. After that they prepared a 4 ft high 9 inch thick brick wall in exposed form so that the bond can be seen and left it to dry for plaster on one side in next construction yard practice. During the masonry process students made the bats and closers of various sizes on their own. After completion of masonry work the finishing of the wall was also done by students, as they filled the gap between the bricks and made the surface smooth and plain by the brush so that the plastering work can be done in next practice.

Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture, one of the best architecture colleges in Uttarakhand, believes in giving a practical exposure to its students.


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