15 Oct 2019

DBGI Idol – By Surtaal Club


DBGI idol is a solo singing competition for the students of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institution in which all the students are invited to participate. DBGI idol will be held in different rounds in which students will perform according the stages. There will be three rounds for the auditions. In the very first round students will sing without any instrument and after that the selected students will go in next round where they have to sing with karaoke. And in the final round of DBGI idol students will get the proper stage in which they can sing with instruments or karaoke.

AIM of the Events

  • To enhance the singing talent of students.
  • To give a singing platform to the students of DBGI.
  • Performance experience adds on to a valuable skill of students.
  • Open doors to opportunities and connections.
  • Built your fan base by their singing talent.

DBGI is organizing a solo singing competition, based on prelliams I & II, wherein, only filtered singers will be allowed to be a part of Finale.

Date Time & Venue of Events:1.       Audition on 15/10/2019

2.       Second round on 18/10/2019

3.       Final round on 21/10/2019

Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members·          Ankit mainthani

·          Rajat hindwal

·          Aakriti Sharma


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