26 Apr 2020

DBGI Lockdown Poetry Competition


Event Title:DBGI Lockdown Poetry Competition
Event categoryCompetition
About EventDBGI Lockdown Poetry competition is an event which will provide the students of DBGI and people all around the world, a platform to convey their thoughts and ideas about lock down with everyone. Participants have to write a poem on the above mentioned issue and make a video of  not more than 2 mins. This event is being organized to know what is going on in the mind of people. It will also give us an insight of their creative minds. It will help people to focus on their passion. With the help of words, they will be able to spread some awareness among people. Along with spreading awareness, people can help each other through their poetry by providing them with motivation to survive this tough time. With the help of this competition, one can say thanks to all those people  who are working very hard to keep us all safe. This can be a platform to show our regard towards nation and world.
AIM of the Events (Min5Points):1.       To provide a platform to perform.

2.       To provide a space to share their views about Corona  and Lock down.

3.       To motivate everyone to survive through this tough time.

4.       To provide a platform to those people who are working really hard to keep us safe.

5.       To provide a space to show that we stand in unity with the nation and the world.

Content of the EventNA
Highlights of EventsParticipants talking about lock down, corona, their anxieties, their experience of lock down, appreciating the efforts of doctors, policemen, and others, showing their regard towards nation.
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Speakers of the Events:


Speakers of the Events:


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Department Name (Full Name)Parvaaz (Literature Club)
Course Name (Participants):NA
Date Time & Venue of Events:26th April, 2020, full day, online mode.
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Contact PersonUDIT CHATURVEDI (8755573350)


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