06 Jun 2020

DBGI Saturday morning open mic BY Department of Journalism & Mass Communication


Event Title: DBGI Saturday morning open mic
Event category Online competition
About Event Department  of Journalism and Mass Communication is organizing online “Saturday open Mic session” on 6.6.2020. The session is open for all the students of DBGI.

This online open mic session is important step in the process of making students a successful performer. Open Mics provide a chance to learn, and figure out what crowds may like, not like or enjoy. They will get a chance to structure a write-up in the topic of their choice. Students will understand what they personally need to work on, so that they can be sure their performance is good.

This Open Mic session will help students to know the humility that being a performer requires to handle the nerves that appearing in front of a crowd may produce. This will help them gain experience in public speaking. The Open session will also give them a chance to showcase their talent in  genres students feel more comfortable in eg- Poem, Song, Comedy, Shayari etc.

The session will be anchored by BJMC Ist year students namely- Sumit, Shlok, Shailza, Kriti

AIM of the Events


  • It will help students to build confidence and presentation skills.
  • This will make students learn to prepare  material before presentation.
  • It will allow students  to learn presenting in less time.
  • It will make students listen to other genres, and style.
  • This will inspire them to be better in writing and presenting.
Content of the Event  Guest lecture
Highlights of Events Online Open Mic session
Speakers of the Events:


NAME Anchor BJMCIst year students- Sunit, Shailza, Shlok, Kiran
E-Mail ID  
Designation & Experience  
Department Name ( Full Name) Bachelors in Journalism and Mass communication (BJMC)
Course Name (Participants): BJMC- open for all  
Date Time & Venue of Events: 6/6/2020- 11:00- 12.30
Event Coordinator &Organizing Team Members
  • Dr. R.C Pathak (HOD BJMC)
  • Ms. Ritika Puri, Mr. Rajat Roy
Contact Person Ms. Monisha Bahuguna


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