27 Dec 2019

Educational Visit to Govt. Medical College (Saharanpur)


Orientation of students in medical record department of Govt. Medical College (Saharanpur) for the better learning and understanding of medical record department.

AIM of the Events :

  • Orientation in medical record department
  • Enhancing practical knowledge
  • Understanding of hospital administration closely
  • Better understanding of record keeping section
  • Utilization of knowledge in academics and further.

Content of the Event

Medical record department is the most important and confidential department of the hospital.To let students visit MRD will be a great exposure to students.

Speakers of the Events: Dr. Amit Mittal

E-Mail ID:  amitmittalddun@gmail.com

Organization : Govt. Medical College (Saharanpur)

Department Name ( Full Name) : Department of Hospital  Administration

Course Name (Participants): Bachelor of  Hospital  Administration

Date Time & Venue of Events: 27/12/2019 , 10AM, Govt. Medical College (Saharanpur)

Event Coordinator &Organizing Team Members : Pratiksha Rai Thapa


Registration for : Educational Visit to Govt. Medical College (Saharanpur)

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