05 Mar 2020

Expert Lecture on “Satellite Antenna System”


Conducting expert lecture on “Satellite Antenna System” which gives an introduction to Satellite communication antenna and its classification which  consists of three main elements:  antenna structure, feed system, and beam-forming network. The antenna structure can be an array, a lens antenna, or a reflector antenna. The feed system is strategically located near a focal point for maximum direction of energy.

AIM of the Events

  • Students will learn the introduction of satellite communication antenna
  • Students will be able to know about the functioning of various antennas.
  • Students will be able to know the interfacing of antenna  with softwares in order to control signal flow efficiently.
Content of the Event
Expert Lecture on Satellite Antenna System
Highlights of Events


Need and working of Antenna in communication system..
Speakers of the Events:


NAMEMr. Mahkar Singh (Scientist G)
Organization DEAL, Dehradun
Department NameElectronics & Communication Engineering
Course Name (Participants):B.Tech  ECE 2nd , 3rd & 4th yr students, Poly EC 3rd yr
Date Time & Venue of Events:05th March 2020 and venue is Conference Hall
Event Coordinator &Organizing Team MembersMr. Tej Raj and Mr Gautam Shah
Contact PersonMr.Mukesh Pathela (HOD. ECE/EEE)


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