09 Mar 2019

Guest Lecture on “Seasoning of timber& seasoning kilns” by Department of forestry


Event Title: Guest Lecture on seasoning of Timber & Seasoning kilns

About Event: The speaker of the day is Dr. N.K.Upreti Head, Wood Seasoning Discipline, Forest Research Institute.The event is organized in reference to provide the in depth knowledge of wood seasoning. Seasoning of wood in forestry is an essential technique to be followed before the timber is applied to any use. The aim of this guest lecture will help us to know the various methods by which seasoning is executed and its importance in forestry.

AIM of the Events

  • To understand the techniques of wood seasoning.
  • To know the importance of seasoning in Forest based industries.
  • To know about fibre saturation point.
  • To know about the types of water present in wood.

Speakers of the Events:

Dr. N.K.Upreti,

Senior Scientist,

Head, Wood Seasoning Discipline, Forest Research Institute.

Department Name: Department OF Forestry

Course Name (Participants): B.Sc (Forestry students)

Date Time & Venue of Events: 9-3-18, DBIMS Seminar Hall




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