06 Feb 2019

Guest lecture on BFSI sector and need for employability skills by Department of Management


Subject: Students’ employability in the BFSI Sector and Need For Build Up of Skills
By: Divesh Mishra, ex- HDFC Bank, an IIM Kashipur alumni, an author and a career banker. He is Founder of an edtech named www.ursaminor.in
The salient points of the address:
1. There is no dearth of jobs. Dearth of skills, however, holds students to be selected for the right job.
2. Right skilled can be acquired from the right sources,  by right people and at the right time. Timing matters.
3. www.ursaminor.in provides useful training into Banking Domain, Insurance Domain, Soft Skills, MS Office and Code of Ethics.
4. The student learns on the website, goes through online examinations and obtains certification if successful. All Certificate holders are considered for interviews with top end private sector BFSI.
5. He proposed to run a Centre of Banking Excellence (CBE) where the students would strive to bring themselves to the next level of skills by way of:
A. Mock Interviews
B. Group Discussions
C. Daily reading of financial newspapers and increasing self  knowledge of English and General Awareness,
D. public speaking,
E. team work and confidence build up.
6. The charges and registration process have been explained through a mail and personal support will be provided by the edtech to facilitate this.
It was explained that if the students do not quickly resort to Skill Build, they run the risk of being left behind and within a few years make themselves redundant: either for jobs or for entrepreneurship.


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