15 Nov 2019

Guest Lecture on Goods and Services Tax (GST) by Department of Management


The guest lecture on GST is the requirement of the day as it’s a much talked about topic of interest and curiosity for the students. The lecture will clear their doubts and concerns about the topic of study.

AIM of the event

  • To make them understand the basic concept of GST.
  • To understand the logic behind this massive change in tax structure
  • To know the future career options related to GST
Speakers of the Events:


NAMEKaran Kapoor
E-Mail ID 
Designation & ExperiencePracticing GST Professional with more than 10 years of experience
Department Name ( Full Name)Department of Management
Course Name (Participants):All courses
Date Time & Venue of Events:15th November, 10.30-12.30,  FF Seminar Hall
Event Coordinator &Organizing Team Members Dr. Divya Ghai, Mr.Sanjay Nautiyal, Ms.Isha Sharma
Contact Person
  • Dr. DivyaGhai
  • Ms. Isha Sharma



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