28 May 2020

Guest Lecture on “The emerging COVID-19 scenario in Uttrakhand”


Event Title: The emerging COVID-19 scenario in Uttrakhand
Event category Guest Lecture
About Event


BJMC Department will be hosting an interactive session on the topic “The Emerging COVID 19 Scenario in Uttarakhand” with social activist Anoop Nautiyal.

Mr. Anoop Nautiyal is an alumni of Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University and   dedicatedly working on the issues of environmental conservation, urban governance and citizen engagement in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. His founded organization Social Development for Communication is working with host of government, global, civil societies, corporate and citizen organization like Dehradun Smart City Limited, UNDP, Nestle and many more.

In the session, Mr Nautiyal will talk about the impacts of current COVID-19 situation in Uttrakhand on reverse migration and how media can play a crucial role in the same.

The session will increase the horizon of students in understanding the  COVID-19 crisis and what possibilities lies for them in post- COVID time. Mr. Nautiyal will also share gathered empirical data in handling the crisis so far by the state government and will share insights that how vigilantly government can act in the same.

Along with the session, the students can see presentation, articles and other researched material relate to the crisis of COVID- 19. This attempt will help students in developing a scientific and research oriented attitude towards the crisis and get them a fresh experience that how quantative data can be utilized to boost the development process.

AIM of the Events 


To conduct an interactive session for students

To give student insight about COVID-19 situation in Uttrakhand

To conduct an open session after the lecture for students

To improve students understanding about COVID-19

To impart knowledge to the students regarding future scenario of Uttrakhand after COVID-19 crisis.

Content of the Event  Guest lecture
Highlights of Events


Interactive session
Speakers of the Events:


NAME Anoop Nautiyal
E-Mail ID Anoop.nautiyal@gmail.com
Designation & Experience Activist /Founder of Social Development of Communities Uttrakhand.
Organization SDC Foundation
Department Name Bachelors in Journalism and Mass communication (BJMC)
Course Name (Participants): BJMC- 20 students
Date Time & Venue of Events: 28/5/2020- 11:30- 12.30
Event Coordinator &Organizing Team Members Ms. Monisha Bahuguna


Dr. RC Pathak (HOD BJMC)

Ms. Ritika Puri, Mr. Rajat Roy

Contact Person Ms. Monisha Bahuguna


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