21 Apr 2020

Online Guest Lecture on Challenges and prospect in Electronic Journalism on the occasion of NATIONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS DAY


Event Title: Challenges and prospect in Electronic Journalism
Event category Guest Lecture
About Event On the occasion of National PR  Day the BJMC Department is conducted a guest lecture on the topic ‘challenges and prospect in electronic media’. As media is going through a time of huge transformation not just from the point of view of media agency but across all part of value chain, from media owners to agencies, politicization, sponsorship involvement, finance terms, lack of quality content etc.

This topic will encircle all the sub topics that highlight challenges in media today like keeping up to date, increased competition, Issues surrounding data ownership and privacy etc.

The session further focus to be interactive for the students so that students can come forward and ask their queries regarding the changing trends in the electronic media. This also focus that the experts in the fields can give students a deeper isight about the prevailing scenario in front of the camera along with the working structure of a newsroom especially in electronic media. The expert will also discuss the roles of journalist an anchor and challenges faced in the field.


         The session is being done via conference call  so that the students can stay at home safely and can also get exposure from the guest lecture. 

AIM of the Events (Min 5 Points):


  • To conduct a interactive session for students
  • To give student insight about the practical practices especially in electronic journalism
  • To conduct a open session after the lecture for students
  • To clarify all the students questions regarding electronic media
  • To impart knowledge about the new trends especially in electronic media
Content of the Event Guest lecture
Highlights of Events


Interactive session
Speakers of the Events:


NAME Harsh Tyagi
E-Mail ID Harsh.tyagi669@gmail.com
Designation & Experience Freelancer- Anchor/ content producer- Doordarshan Dehradun , Anchor HNN
Organization Doordarshan, HNN
Department Name Bachelors in Journalism and Mass communication (BJMC)
Course Name BJMC- 20 students
Date Time & Venue of Events: 21/4/2020- 11:30- 1:00,
Event Coordinator &Organizing Team Members  RC Pathak (HOD BJMC), Monisha Bahuguna, Ritika Puri, Rajat Roy
Contact Person RC Pathak (HOD BJMC)


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