09 Feb 2019

National Symposium on “Joint Forest Management (JFM) and its impact on Rural Society”



The department of Forestry is organizing a National Symposium on “Joint Forest Management (JFM) and its impact on Rural Society” on 9th February 2019 in association with UCOST. Respected IFSs and Scientist from FRI are invited for delivering an informative talk on JFM. JFM is the collaboration of Forest Department of state with local communities. Any approach or strategy for the protection, conservation and development of forest resources and forest ecosystem involves the participation of local people in the entire management process is Joint Forest Management. JFM schemes help both Forest dept. as well as local people. The primary objective of JFM is to ensure sustainable use of forests to meet local needs equitably while ensuring environmental sustainability. The central premise is that local women and men who are dependent on forests at the village level have the greatest stake in sustainable forest management. It encourages the development of partnerships between local people and forest department to manage forest lands jointly. It provides a communication structure for consultation and negotiation between forest department and forest users and provides legalized access for the local communities to forest lands. JFM encourages local people to protect forest areas in order to prevent free grazing of livestock and to assist in preventing illegal activities by outsiders. JFM assures local people that a certain proportion of the intermediate and final harvests from forest lands will accrue to them.

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