18 May 2020

Online guest lecture on Agnikarma and Vidhakarma by Department of Ayurveda


Event Title: Online guest lecture on Agni karma and Vidhakarma

   “Unique Therapies of Ayurveda “

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About Event
  • Dev Bhoomi Medical College Of Ayurveda and Hospital is organizing a webinar on Agnikarma and Vidhakarma, “Unique Therapies of Ayurveda. Event organized to enhance the knowledge of the students about Agnikarma and  Vidhakarma .
  • Agnikarma and Vidhakarma are unique therapies in Ayurveda used to treat the pain and diseases in the body.
  • Agnikarma is the karma done by Agni and shalaka.
  • Vidhakarma is the karma done by Viddha (pricking by needle).
  • Both the karma helps in the pain relief  and  cure of diseases caused by Dushit Dosha and Dushit Dhatu.
AIM of the Events


●        Enhance the knowledge of the students about Unique Therapies of Ayurveda used in the  treatment of Pain.

●        To know the importance of different therapies.

●        Benefits of Agnikarma and Vidhakarma therapies.

●        Learn the procedure of these therapies.

●        Interaction of the students with the renowned personalities of Ayurveda.

Content of the Event
Webinar on Agnikarma and Vidhakarma

“Unique Therapies of Ayurveda”

Highlights of Events



1.       Introduction of the speaker.

2.       Introduction of the Topic.

3.       Procedure explanation

4.       Interaction with the students.

5.       Question answer part

6.       Vote of thanks.

Speakers of the Events:


NAMEVd. Chandrakumar Deshmukh
E-Mail IDccd.kumar@gmail.com
Designation & Experience -Ayurvedacharya

-Specialist in Agnikarma and Vidhakarma treatment for pain and disease management.

– Got National Awards in the field of Ayurveda.

Organization Shri Vishwamurthy Ayurveda Chikitsalaya


Department Name ( Full Name)Dev Bhoomi Medical College Of Ayurveda and Hospital
Course Name (Participants):BAMS
Date Time & Venue of Events:
  1. 18May 2020, 12pm onwards
  2. Online seminar ( Webinar)
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members
  1. Dr. Megha Bahuguna
  2. Dr. Richa Singh
  3.  Dr. Kanchan  Thakur
Contact Person
  1. Dr. Megha Bahuguna



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