22 Oct 2021

Online International Conference Covid-19 Pandemic & Current Solutions to Mitigate the Challenges


Online International Conference

Covid-19 Pandemic & Current Solutions to Mitigate the Challenges

(October 22nd – October 23rd, 2021)

 This international conference is part of a collaborative initiative between the School of Allied Sciences, Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University (DBUU) in India and Biotechnology Kiosk (BK), an International Journal in Biotechnology in the USA. This conference provides a much needed platform to bring together experts, both from academia and industry as well as students and other researchers and media and government professionals to discuss the science and problems along with new ideas and solutions to mitigate the severity and health challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

All the accepted abstracts for the meeting will be invited as full papers and fast-track peer reviewed and published in BK with individually assigned DOIs (Registration Fee: Rs1,000/ and Publication fee will be informed on the selection of the paper).


  1. Epidemiology, Transmission and Genome Structure
  2. Viral Protein, Crystal Structure, and Sequencing
  3. Different Variants and Third and Fourth Waves of COVID-19
  4. Diagnostics & Surveillance
  5. PCR, Point-of-Care, Microfluidics and Other Methods including Nano-Bio Techniques
  6. mRNA, Anti-Viral Drugs, Antibody, Protein Engineering, and Therapeutics
  7. Vaccines and Distributions
  8.  COVID-19 and Co-Morbidity
  9. Neurological Disorders and Heart Health in COVID-19
  10. Social Awareness, Government and Media’s Role

Organizing Committee (DBUU)

  • Convenor: Dr Neha Dobhal
  • Co-Convenor: Dr Prerana Badoni
  • Organizing Secretary: Dr. Abhijit Biswas (Technical Director & Scientific Advisor), USA
  • Coordinator: Dr Bhavya Trivedi

Advisory Committee Members (DBUU):

  1. Mr. Aman Bansal
  2. Dr. Manish Prateek
  3. Dr. R.K Tripathi
  4. Dr. A.K Jaiswal
  5. Dr. Manish Mathur
  6. Mr. Digvijay Singh
  7. Ms. Deepa Arya
  8. Dr. Vasant Sawant
  9. Mrs. Nisha Bhatt
  10. Mrs. Pratiksha
  11. Dr Amandeep
  12. Dr Barkha
  13. Dr. Mehvish Khalid
  14. Dr RC Pathak
  15. Dr. Muneesh Sethi
  16. Dr Manisha Phaugat     

Advisory Committee Members (BK, USA):

  • Dr. Megha Agrawal, Chief  Editor, Biotechnology Kiosk, USA
  • Dr. Shyamasri Biswas, Chief Editor, Biotechnology Kiosk, USA
  • Dr. Adonis Sfera, Associate Editor, Biotechnology Kiosk
  • Dr. Maqsood A Siddiqui, Associate Editor, Biotechnology Kiosk 

Please use email conference@dbgidoon.ac.in and publisher@biotechkiosk.com for abstract submission and DBUU weblink https://dbgidoon.ac.in/ and Biotechnology Kiosk weblink https://biotechkiosk.com/ for the conference brochure.

The due date for submission of abstracts:  September 10th, 2021

The due date for submission of full-length manuscripts:  September 20th, 2021

 Tentative Timings:

10:00 to 12:30 PM  (FIRST SESSION) IST

2:00 to 4:30 PM (SECOND SESSION) IST.


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