25 Jun 2020

National Workshop Cum Hands on Practical On Biomedical Technology: Molecular and Microbiological Techniques


The common techniques used in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and biophysics involve isolation, alteration and analysis of DNA, RNA, protein, and lipid. The basic premise of PCR is to use repeated cycles of sequential temperature changes to achieve exponential amplification of DNA.  The fastest growing discipline, Molecular microbiology, has an important role for identification and characterization of microorganism. Rapid detection of microorganism by using these molecular methods has revolutionized routine diagnostic microbiology. Pharmaceutical microbiologists play an important role in ensuring quality of raw materials, finished goods, and allied substances which is important for pharmaceutical formulations. Molecular biology extended its application in medicine of pharmacy.  In future it will provide the basis of disease, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases. Molecular biology has a great importance in identifying a natural product for mankind also.  This workshop will provide a platform to acquire knowledge and hands on experience to pharmaceutical and biomedical professionals. Successful completion of this workshop will help to minimize the gap between theory and practice

AIM of The events

  • This workshop is aimed to provide practical knowledge and hands on experience on various Techniques useful for Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Professionals.
  • This sort of workshop is rarely organized in vicinity of Dehradun.
  • To make School students of the State of Uttarakhand aware of Molecular and Microbiological techniques and their importance, this may give an insight to them for choosing their future career.
  • To minimize the gap between theory and practice.

Content of the Event

  • Pre-PCR/Master Mix Preparation for DNA isolation
  • Genomic DNA Isolation from blood. immunological processing.
  • Programming of variants of PCR and Amplification technologies for disease diagnosis and autoimmune disorders and its types.
  • General discussion and Introduction to Industrial Microbiology
  • Post Amplification Techniques, Agarose gel electrophoresis & Results demonstration of viral and immunological studies to students.
  • Microbial Enzyme Technology, Enzyme assay for biopharmaceuticals.
  • Hands on practical: application of microbes in pharma, enzyme and cell immobilization.

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Department Name ( Full Name) Dev Bhoomi Institute of Pharmacy and Research (DBIPR)
Course Name (Participants): Pharmacy (150)
Date Time & Venue of Events: 14th -15th March 2020

10 am to 5 pm

DBIMS Seminar Hall

Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members Dr. Amandeep Singh- Event Co coordinator



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