08 Nov 2019

Poster Making Competition by Expressions- The Life Skills Club


It is a Life Skills Club event to judge students’ understanding of life lessons we can take from famous personalities from India. The objective is to showcase these personalities and the life lessons we should imbibe from them and to display it in the form of posters so that others can witness them too.

AIM of the Events

  • To make them learn about life struggles of famous people
  • To display their expressive creative talent
  • To judge their ability to understand and emulate life lessons

Highlights of Events

  • Posters
  • Life Skills
  • Presentation of the Posters
Course Name (Participants):All courses
Date Time & Venue of Events:8th November, Conference Hall (yet to be confirmed)
Event Coordinator &Organizing Team MembersMs.Vrinda, Dr. Divya Ghai, Ms. Isha Sharma
Contact PersonDr Divya Ghai (9897522897)

Ms. Isha Sharma( 9897946078)


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