12 Apr 2019

Sculpture and Clay Modelling Workshop by Department of Architecture


Sculpture and Clay Modelling Workshop

About Event : As a part of semester agenda, architecture department of DBGI, is conducting a workshop of clay and sculpture modelling on 12th March, 2019. workshop will be interesting as a part of fun learning activity. The event is organized keeping, in mind the interest of students of every fields, like civil, Ayurveda, fashion designing etc. When we work with clay, we connect with nature, and it provides us with immense joy, because in this era of modernism and technology, we are getting away from nature, and very few things can help us to gain that connection back. who doesn’t like, the fragrance of wet clay/mud, it often brings smile on our faces. hence this workshop will do the same. people coming to take this workshop are experts in their fields, they are the local sculpture and have a great talent. we are sure that , this event will make all the participants happy, and will leave them smiling with the learning they will gain.

AIM of the Events 

  • To make the children learn about pottery.
  • To introduce working of pottery wheel among students and staff of DBGI.
  • To showcase our hidden heritage of sculpture art.
  • To teach , students sculpture making, and clay modelling.
  • To connecting our youth with the hidden heritage of our country.

 Experts of the event :  Mr. Kamal DEEP singh, Mr. Manoj Kumar

Department Name: Architecture Department

 Course Name (Participants):  B.Arch

Date Time & Venue of Events:  12th March, 2019, 10 am onwards, architecture studio in architecture department.


Registration for : Sculpture and Clay Modelling Workshop by Department of Architecture

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