07 Sep 2018

Site Visit for Bachelor of Architecture students


Date: 07/09/2018

AR-101 Architectural Design – I (Site Visit)

Design Co-ordinator :     Ar. Mavish Anjum

Ar. Sukhmani Sawhany

Objectives of site visit of Jhanda Ji, Dehradun

  1. To understand the elements & principles of design in terms of overall massing and form, ratio, proportion and visual impact.
  2. Students have to prepare the live sketches of important building including site components.

Submission requirement:

After site visit students have to prepare the A2 size sheets of their observation over the buildings and detail out and explain the various elements and principles.

Note: Submission should contain creative format.

Submission Date: 13/09/2018


AR-301 Architectural Design – III (Site Visit)

Design Co-ordinator:      Ar. Udita Devrani

Ar. Neelesh Kant Saxena


Objectives of site visit of Jhanda Ji, Dehradun

  1. Students have to prepare the documentation of the building with respect to the following-
  2. Introduction
  3. Historical importance and background of the building
  4. Sacred Value
  5. Construction material and techniques
  6. Architectural Features
  7. Structure system

 Submission requirement:

  1. Documentation on A2 Size sheets with leveled sketches in 2 groups.
  2. Measurement drawing of one of the important building and one point perspective.(Individual)

Submission Dates: 17/09/2018

Submission date of perspective: 21/09/2018




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