18 Nov 2019

The waste watchers by Department of Computer Science & Engg


We B.Tech2nd year are organizing this event on the topic “The waste watchers” which basically means to reuse is creating best out of wastes. Normally being a B.Tech student we are asked to talk to talk only about technologies but we forget that nowadays this is a burning hazard which is leading the world towards death, we are not getting pure air to breathe by using the technology we can also do something to stop this but we can’t make any permanent solution but if we start reusing these wastes instead of throwing them in the dustbin and not doing anything to preserve our motherland or our beloved world. Don’t we know that about 4.4billion of wastes are found all over India which takes almost 1000 years to degrade and which throws a lot of pollution in return which is very harmful for humans so we should take a step to either not use this products or to reuse this products. So we are trying to create an awareness about these burning issues that every individual students should come to know. So this is a small step from we students

  1. To aware every students about reuse
  2. To motivate creativity
  3. To set an example about best out of waste
  4. To make everyone focus on this burning issue
  5. To aware everyone about pollution

Department Name ( Full Name) : Department of Computer Science & Engg

Course Name (Participants): CS &Engg

Date Time & Venue of Events : 18th Nov 2019 ( 2:40PM – 4:40PM)

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