08 Aug 2020

Virtual HR Conclave, 2020


DBGI has taken an initiative of having its Virtual HR Conclave, 2020′   to have networking among people during this lock-down. This conclave aims to bring together some of the top industry leaders to shed light on industrialization. The theme of the conclave is focusing on the uncertainty about the impacts of COVID-19 and to limit the pandemic’s human and economic effects. We can also discuss the ‘typical’ path of economic performance and recovery of countries and economic crisis look like. Some of the economic policies can be shared to mitigate the impacts of the crisis and to accelerate the recovery process.


HR Conclave is a gathering hosted by DBGI to create a positive ambiance that aids sharing the best experiences, insights understanding, industry affairs and the latest advancements in the field of HR.


We all are aware by the fact that our country is fighting a war against the COVID-19 pandemic. So, being the responsible citizens of our country it’s our prime duty that we support each other in tough time. We understand that social distancing is important, but we can’t deny the fact that networking is equally important . The best part is we are living in the world of digitalization we have been blessed with such innovative technologies that can bring two people together from any where in the world , in just a fraction of seconds.


The idea of a combined engagement of all eminent HR under one umbrella is to discuss the  trends  to be followed during covid 19  and to share the difficulties of HR and its solution for the people. The exchange of ideas by eminent corporate people will give direction to youth and facilitates an environment that motivated then to touch the clouds.

11.00 AM– 11.30 AM                       Inauguration

11.30AM – 11.45 PM                         Welcome Note by Mr.Aman Bansal

11.45 AM – 12.15 PM                        Talk by Mr.Shubham from Genpact

12.15 PM – 12.45 PM                         Talk by Ms.Swati Upadhaya , Tek Systems

12.45 PM- 1.15 PM                            Talk by Vikram Goel , SOTI India

1.15 PM – 1.45 PM                             Talk By Mr.Vikram Vasudev, HR Professional in IT Co.

1.45 PM – 1.15 PM                             Talk by Mr.Varun Goel , Sony Ericson

1.15 PM – 1.45 PM                             Talk by Dr.Ritesh Bitra , Drama Interventions

1.45 PM- 2.15 PM                              Talk by Mr.Virender Dang, Benchmark.

2.15 PM – 2.45 PM                             Vote of Thanks


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