25 Apr 2020

Webinar by Alumni of DBGI on the Topic Present scenario and career challenges.


Event Title: Webinar by Alumni of DBGI on the Topic Present scenario and career challenges.
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Seminar for MBA
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Interaction by Technical Expert. The expert believes to conduct online sessions to disseminate information amongest students of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions.

Through the programme, an attempt is being made by the organization to encourage the students to understand the career path along with technical concepts which they could apply in the near future. Interactive sessions are being held with students, taking up their queries, doubts about the schemes, and programs as well as providing solutions to their inquiries.

Along with the interactive sessions, the students can also be shown audio-video films and presentation on the activities, as well as provided details of the subject they are being taught through online medium.

AIM of the Events 1.      Interface with the present market condition and career challenges.

2.      Produce confident and capable young professionals.

3.      Real World Skills

4.      Behavioral Attitude / Personality

5.      Communication


Content of the Event The career guidance is the main objective and the content includes all the career opportunities. New fields , jobs and scope of further studies is included.
Highlights of Events



Webinar for DBGI Students

Eminent Speaker is the proud Alumni of DBGI

Corporate Talk by an ex DBGIan for existing DBGIan.

Speakers of the Events:


NAME Mr. Gopal Krishna
E-Mail ID gopal.krishna@foxhogventures.in
Designation & Experience Head of Operations


Organization Foxhog Ventures Corp.

Stanford California USA

Department Name Training and Placement
Course Name (Participants): MBA
Date Time & Venue of Events: 25th February 2020, 3:00 PM
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members Event Coordinator – Dr. Manisha Maiduly

Organizing Team Members – Nishtha Dhiman, Shivani Gusain and Aditi Agarwal

Contact Person Dr. Manisha Maiduly


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