21 Jun 2020

Webinar on Introduction of Data Science


Event Title: Introduction of Data Science
Event categoryWebinar
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The main objective of this webinar is to give the fundamental of data science i.e what is data science and how it is used in different fields.

DATA SCIENCE is the zone of study which includes extricating bits of knowledge from immense measures of information by the utilization of different logical strategies, calculations, and procedures. It encourages you to find concealed examples from the crude information. The term Data Science has risen in light of the development of numerical measurements, information examination, and large information.

With the presentation of the most recent instruments and advancements and other developing needs, Data science has become the popular expression in the computerized scene. Information science has become a significant component in the greater part of the associations, scholarly establishments and organizations. Information is the new oil that is liable for the smooth working in the modern exercises and information science is the power that offers capacity to these ventures.

The upcoming scenario is totally based on data so we need to learn that how we can use data according to your need.


AIM of the Events1.         Data Science enables you to take better and faster decisions

2.         Data Science helps you to prevent any significant monetary losses

3.         Allows to build intelligence ability in machines

4.         Data Science can help you to detect fraud using advanced machine learning algorithms

5.         It enables you to take better and faster decisions


Highlights of Events



1.      Introduction of Data Science

2.      Why Data Science use

3.      Future scope of Data Science

4.      Supervise and Unsupervise

5.      K-Mean Clustering


Speakers of the Events:


NAMEMr. Rajan
E-Mail ID
Designation & ExperienceResearch and Certified Corporate Trainer


Experience :- 5+ Years


OrganizationKSOFT Noida
Department Name ( Full Name)Computer Science & Engineering
Course Name (Participants):B.Tech (CSE/ECE/EEE)
Date Time & Venue of Events:21/06/2020, 11:00 am, Online
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team MembersMr. Dhajvir Singh Rai
Contact PersonMr. Dhajvir Singh Rai


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