06 Jun 2020

Webinar – Re-Imagine your life as ENTREPRENEURA journey from idea to a Start-up


Event Title:Webinar topic- Re-Imagine your life as ENTREPRENEUR

A journey from idea to a Start-up

Event category Online Webinar
About Event It’s an online webinar proposed for the students to prepare them for the future ahead if they decide to start their own venture.
AIM of the Events ·         To prepare students for entrepreneurship

·         To make students aware about the potential life as an entrepreneur.

·         To guide them about ways to prepare themselves for this journey

·         To ensure they know the obstacles in the path to success as an entrepreneur.

·         To make the students understand how to take their idea to the level of a start up.

Content of the Event  Techniques to develop the entrepreneurial mindset.
Highlights of EventsSession to be taken by the experienced resource person followed up by the interaction with students.
Speakers of the Events:

(Name, E- Mail ID, Designation, Organization Name, Photograph. Resume)

NAMEMr.Praveen Arya
E-Mail IDchairman@f-tec.net.in
Designation & ExperienceChairman

F-TEC Skill Development

25+ years of experience as an entrepreneur

OrganizationForesight Education Pvt.Ltd.
Department Name ( Full Name)Department of Management
Course Name (Participants):Students of Department of Management


Date Time & Venue of Events:Date: June 6th, 2020

Time: 11.30 am to 12.30 pm


Event Coordinator & Organizing

Team Members

    Dr.Divya Ghai
Contact Person    Dr.Divya Ghai 9897522897


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