12 Nov 2019

Workshop on Panchkarma – An Ayurvedic Approach To Typical Spine Conditions by Department of Ayurveda


Event will start with the introduction .

  1. Live demonstration of panchkarma therapies will be done.
  2. Live demonstration of Cupping , Tapping and needling .
  3. Query session for the students.

The Aim of the Panchkarma workshop is to help students to know about the different and technical part of Panchkarma.

It will help students to realise the instant and beneficial effects of Panchkarma therapies.

Speakers of the Events:

Dr. Priya Ranjan tiwari
Panchkarma Consultant , 5years of Intense Clinical Experience.
Dr.Tiwari Ayurveda Hospital , Kiccha

Department Name: Dev Bhoomi Medical College Of Ayurveda and Hospital

Course Name: BAMS

Date Time & Venue of Events: 12.November 2019

Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members :

  1. Dr. Richa Singh  , Dr. Kanchan  Thakur
  2. Dr. Nishant Bhatnagar
  3. Dr. umesh vasant Sawant ,Dr. Megha Bahuguna, Dr. Dushyant , Dr.Kanika , Dr. Hemant Semalti, Dr. Neha , Dr. Anita Pal, Dr. Yogendra Kumar, Mrs . Ankita Gupta


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