13 Mar 2018

Workshop on STAAD.Pro


Civil engineering requires an in depth study of the structures involved in a building and the various factors that affects the structure of a particular place. STAAD.Pro is one such software that helps the students understand the construction required to bear the load keeping the seismic zone in mind. It is worldwide accepted software for designing and analyzing the structures. DBIT, top engineering college in Uttarakhand, gives its students the opportunity to undergo such trainings that could help them retain the theoretical knowledge.

A one day workshop on STAAD.Pro was conducted on 13th March, 2018 for the 3rd year students of the Civil Department. The students, part of the workshop, learnt how to analyze and design the multi-storied residential or commercial buildings. Along with that they were introduced the concept of designing a building for earthquake load.

The students learnt about the application and acceptance of STAAD.Pro, and the utilization of the software in their curriculum as well as the industrial world.


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