Department of Architecture

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, introduced the course of architecture under the affiliation of Uttarakhand Technical University in the year of 2016 and the intake for the same was officially initiated in the year 2017.  In just a short span, Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture is seen building its path to become the best architecture college in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

The field of architecture was always known to be the path less chosen, the course that bridges science with art. With creative minds at work, Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture brings to its students a bundle of visionary architects working towards building a sustainable society and preparing them for the same.

The Department of Architecture provides its students with well-equipped studios and lecture rooms surrounded by enthralling green views, which inspire the students to enhance their imagination and resourcefulness.  For practical experience, the Institute also provides with workshops, Material library, computer labs and photography lab. Student’s futuristic work is displayed in the art room which is specially designed to enhance their imagination. A separate library for the Architecture department is updated regularly to keep the students informed of the latest trends and reforms in the field of architecture. Every corner of the department depicts the inventiveness of the students. The students get hands-on experience of the construction practices currently prevailing in the architectural world.

In its pursuit to become the best architecture college in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture has incorporated workshops and site visits in the course curriculum to generate interest in the practical field and train the students for the same. Interactive sessions with the students from other colleges have also been conducted on the departmental level. Apart from this, educational visits to places of architectural and historical importance are also included in the academic year.

For the development of the young innovative minds and providing them the correct guidance, Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture is the top upcoming architecture college in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Ar. Udita Devrani

Ar. Udita Devrani

From the HoD Desk...

“When somebody asks me, what is architecture, I reply- Being in the profession of Architecture for so many years I still don’t know what architecture is, it’s just a feeling which cannot be expressed in words. Having said so, I am really happy because the day I know what is architecture, my curiosity towards it will come to an end which may stop me to explore it any further. Every day I find my own definition of architecture and that becomes my passion.”

The development of any country depends upon its infrastructure majorly, and the architects and planners are the people who not only built infrastructure but also they shape the environment and value the social, cultural, psychological and economical aspects of the country.

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions recognized the increasing demand for architects and planners and initiated the architecture program to produce highly skilled and creative architects for the new era. We ensure for a quality education associated with creativity, innovation and multi tasking capabilities along with the overall personality development of the students.

Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture is not just an institute for learning; rather it’s a place for experimenting new ideas and thoughts. I’m sure that our students will serve the society and humanity in a very innovative and sustainable way. I wish all the students a bright future and everlasting happiness.


Dev Bhoomi College of Architecture
S.No. Activity/Holiday Proposed Date/Week Month
1 Reporting & Induction Programe 08.08.18-15.08.18 Aug
2 Reporting of Old Students 16.08.18
3 Commencement of Classes 17.08.18
4 Collage Making (Architecture and Fashion Designing Students) 20.08.18
5 Janmashtami 03.09.18 Sept
6 Teacher’s Day 05.09.18
7 Visit- Jhandaji Gurudwara 07.09.18
8 Construction Yard Practice – 1st Year 14.09.18
9 Seminar- Disaster Management (By experts) 17.09.18 (Tentative)
10 Construction Yard Practice- 2nd Year 21.09.18
11 Debate Competition 22.09.18
12 Construction Yard Practice- 1st Year 28.09.18
13 Market Survey (Second Half) 29.09.18
14 Gandhi Jayanti 02.10.18 Oct
15 Construction Yard Practice- 2nd Year 05.10.18
16 College Decoration (Second Half) 06.10.18
17 First Internal Examination 08.10.18-11.10.18
18 Visit- Buddha Temple 13.10.18
19 Architectural Fest 15.10.18-16.10.18
20 Dussehra Holidays 18.10.18-19.10.18
21  Zonal NASA 19.10.18-21.10.18
22 Visit- Beatles Ashram 25.10.18
23 International Conference (DBGI) 26.10.18
24 Construction Yard Practice- 1st Year 30.10.18
25 Workshop- Mural/POP/Construction Details November 1st week
26 Diwali Holidays 05.11.18-10.11.18
27 Construction Yard Practice- 2nd Year 16.11.18
28 Market Survey (Second Half) 17.11.18
29 Pre University Exams 03.12.18-8.12.18 Dec
30 External Practical 10.12.18-15.12.18
31 University Exams 15.12.18 onwards
32 Educational Tour- Madhya Pradesh Sem Break