05 Apr 2018

Educational tour for Forestry Students to visit Asan Barrage


It is a well known fact that knowledge cannot be confined to the four walls of a class. The more you seek knowledge in your surroundings, the better you perceive it. With a similar intention, the 3rd year students of B.Sc Forestry and Agriculture were taken on an educational tour to Asan Barrage on 5th April, 2018. Asan Barrage is situated at the border of the States of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh near the conflux of the Eastern Yamuna Canal and the Asan River.

The motive behind this educational tour was to acquaint the students with the balance of biotic and abiotic components in an ecosystem. Biotic components comprise the living organism (e.g.  plants, animals and decomposers) of an ecosystem. Abiotic components are the physical, chemical and biological components (e.g. humidity, temperature, air, etc.) that affect the development and growth of a biotic component in a particular ecosystem.

Asan Barrage being the hub for migratory birds is a perfect example depicting the need for the biotic and abiotic balance. The students studied about the various conditions that were responsible for the migratory birds to adapt to the new environment.


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