28 Mar 2019

Educational Visit to Jim Corbett National Park by Department of Forestry


Educational Visit to Jim Corbett National Park

About Event: The educational visit to Jim Corbett National Park is a diadem of Uttarakhand in terms of wildlife tourism. It is the first national park in the Asian continent and is known for its exotic flora and fauna. It is the center for three countrywide conservation plans marked at saving prominent rare species from disappearance and providing a harmless environment for them. The ecological balance and exquisiteness of the park, is extremely important to conserve the wildlife species in the park.

AIM of the Events

  • To understand the concept of National Park.
  • To know the importance of wildlife protection.
  • To know ecological balance
  • To create attentiveness for the prominence of conservation of the Corbett country for future generations and to escalate the co-existence of man and wildlife in their natural setting.

Department Name: Department OF Forestry

Course Name (Participants): Forestry students and horticulture students as well botany students.

Date Time & Venue of Events: 28-3-18




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