27 Feb 2019

Educational Visit to WATER TREATMENT PLANT at “JAL SANSTHAN” Dehradun


Dev Bhoomi Institute of Polytechnic organized a educational Visit for Department of Polytechnic Civil Engineering students .The  main purpose for this visit is to be familiar with industrial environment and to get practical knowledge of water treatment plant components. As per curriculum subject like water and waste water engineering requires knowledge about how polluted water is being treated, so it is very much convenient to see all the practical and components in real time work environment.

Mr. Fateh Singh the in charge officer of water treatment plant provide basic information about screening process of waste water treatment plant.

First unit of water treatment plant is screening after that the collected water is transported to sedimentation with coagulation tank where solid particles of organic material are removed from the suspension by gravity settling. And pumped away for further filtration and chlorination.

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