01 Apr 2019

Industrial visit to Sewage Treatment Plant, Dehradun


 Industrial visit to Sewage Treatment Plant, Dehradun

About Event: The industrial visits provide practical exposure and prepare the students to have a smooth transition from academic to working career.

Sewage treatment is a method of treating the household wastewater and industrial wastewater to make it clean for later use. After the proper sewer treatment is done, the sewage sludge is treated further before disposing it into the environment. Automation now days became the fashion and this fashion is all about technological evolution.

AIM of the Event – Through this visit,

  • Students will learn about the current automation techniques used in STPs through this visit.
  • Students will be able to relate theoretical concepts with practical knowledge.
  • Students will be able to know about different types of PLCs used for automation

Department Name : Department of EEE & ECE

Course Name:  Poly ECE/EEE II/III Year students

Date Time & Venue of Events:  1st April 2019 (11 Am onwards)

Sewage Treatment Plant, Kargi Chowk Dehradun

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