15 May 2018

Motivation and Learning for Faculties at DGBI


Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture (DBSA) convened a one day enlightening workshop on 15th May, 2018. The event saw the presence of Mr. Sanjay Bansal (Chairman), Mr. Aman Bansal (Managing Director), Dr. Anchal Sharma (Director DBSA), Dr. Amit Bhatt (Director DBIMS), Dr.Jyoti Sinha (Director DBIPR) and Dr. Manish Kumar Mathur (Registrar) amongst other eminent HODs and faculty members of various departments at DBGI.

The guest speaker for the workshop, Dr. Hitashi Lomash, currently serving as Professor of management studies at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration and has an experience of over 10 years in the field of behavioral research and counseling skills.

The workshop was aimed at understanding the role of motivation in teaching and learning. The teaching technique is the main administering factor that influences the understanding and learning capabilities of a student. Hence, it acts as the foundation of a flourishing career for any student.

Dr. Lomash highlighted the need for practical approach in the education system and how through cognitive, emotional and behavioral collaboration it could contribute to the personal and academic development of a student. The influence motivation has on improving the efficiency of a student and making him proactive was elaborated in this one day session.

Conducting such motivational workshops makes DGBI a top Institute for learning. The teachers pledged to incorporate these measures in their teaching regimes and provide an improvised educating atmosphere to their students.


  • Professor of management studies at LBS

    Dr. Hitashi Lomash

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