18 Oct 2019

Prove Me Wrong! – English Debate competition 2019 by Department of Mechanical Engineering


Prove me wrong is a English Debate competition organized by M.E.S.S. (Mechanical Engineering Student’s Society) on 18 Oct, 2019 (Friday). The event is based on the Technical and Non-Technical  points of observation.

The event is for the students who want to improve their skills on the basis of self improvement, G.D., Public Stand out, and Self Confidence in proving one self right.

In the event language to be used would be English as it would improve the communication skills of the technical course student which will improve their chances in scoring a good score in the interview in the future.

As the students are more and more playful with the Hindi language it is becoming a problem for the students when it comes to the point where they have to communicate with their fellow companion in English.

So, this event is a source of solution for the students for correcting their self problem and improving their skills

AIM of the Events

  1. Overcome stage fear of students
  2. Confidence building
  3. Platform to students for testing their communication skills
  4. To provide a healthy environment of competition
  5. Knowledge enhancing

Highlights of Events

  • Impact of Social Networking on the development of our Scoiety
  • Will Artificial Intelligence take away jobs
  • Is face to face interaction with Professors more effective than online sessions and Lectures?
Department Name
Course Name (Participants):B.Tech all branches
Date Time & Venue of Events:18-Oct-2019 / DBIT Main Block Conference Hall
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team MembersMr. Viveksheel Yadav

  All member of MESS


Contact PersonBhaskar Jyoti Bourah

Contact No. – 9758346338


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