12 Jun 2020

“SCHUECO” “Innovative by conviction, Durable by tradition.”


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“SCHUECO” “Innovative by conviction, Durable by tradition.”

A leading supplier of window, door, slider and façade systems.

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The SCHUECO Group is one of the world’s leading supplier of window, door, slider and façade systems from Germany.

It was founded in 1951 by Heinz Schürmann, with a moto of Innovative by conviction, Durable by tradition.”

From there in,  it has been expanding ever since internationally, covering almost every country, precisely 105 countries in total till date.

In India it came in 2011, and has been a part of intelligent technology ever since, operative in 15 states, with a network of 65 fabricators throughout India, with 150 employees, and a warehouse of 75000 sqft.

They create the perfect combination of intelligent technology, functionality and design. It is with this claim that they develop and produce a variety of fittings for all sorts of different functions.

For every segment: Residential, Commercial and Govt. Buildings § Residential: üVillas and Bungalows üRow Houses üHigh rise apartments üPenthouses and Duplex üFarmhouses § Numerous typologies & customisable § Tested & certified systems – Not only as per European norms (EN) but also ASTM (American) and National Building Code India (NBC)

AIM of the Events 


1-      To create awareness about the technology used in  window, door, slider and façade systems now a days.

2-      To make them aware of eco-friendly technology with a long life.

3-      To introduce them about famous projects around globe on an international level.

4-      To give them examples of various projects in India where this company has played an important role.

5-      To let them know how to enhance their designs by using these fittings.

6-      To let them know the basic principles of installation of those furniture fittings.

7-      Student will be able to analyze the relationship between the products and their fittings.

8-      To let them know if they are good in designing products so they can make it as their career option also.

Content of the EventWebinar
Highlights of Events ·         Introduction of the company

·         Importance of the technology

·         Procedure explanation

·         Live site examples throughout the Globe

·         Interaction with the student

·         Question answer part

Speakers of the Events:


NAMEShivam Sharma
E-Mail IDshivam.sharma@lumanisystems.com
Designation & Experience Sr. Business Manager: Heading Uttarakhand Region
OrganizationLumani (Fabrication Partner of Schüeco for UP North India).
Department Name ( Full Name)Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture
Course Name (Participants):B.Arch
Date Time & Venue of Events:12th  June 2020  Time :-3:00-4:00 PM
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team MembersAr. Eti Agarwal

Ar. Kapil


Contact PersonAr. Eti Agarwal



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