07 Mar 2018

SDP on NCC Gateway to Army Career & Defense as a career


National Cadet Corps (NCC), India, has always welcomed students from various schools and colleges from different parts of the country. It invites the students on a voluntary basis with the basic motive of inducing a patriotic feeling for the country. A student development program was specially conducted for the students of Dev Bhoomi Institute of Management Studies (DBIMS), top management colleges in Dehradun, on 7th March, 2018, with a similar motive of invoking patriotism.
The student development program was attended by around 150 management students. The NCC Gateway which started at 11a.m. saw Mr. Anirudh Kulkarni, assistant professor- DBIMS, as the lead speaker. Mr. Kulkarni’s orating skills kept everyone engrossed in this life changing session that students even lost note of time.
The event threw light on how one could have a successful career in the armed forces and why should a candidate opt for these services. Apart from being a prestigious job, a candidate gets to fulfill his roles and duties towards his/her country. Mr. Kulkarni also enlightened the students of the challenges that they might face when planning for a career in defense and how they could overcome these issues with constant hard work and deliberation.
The students ultimately got acquainted with the career options less promoted and hence were able to make up their minds in this context.

The symposium laid emphasis on enhancing the production and productivity of minor forest products (MFP) also called non-timber forest products (NTFPs). The concept of sustainability was also much talked about. Forests coming under the category of non-renewable resource of energy are facing an era of crisis, and if we continue at the same pace of destruction, then our future generations might never be able to savor the benefits of these forests.

The benefits of a cleaner and greener environment were highly highlighted. The concept of growing a tree on a child’s birth was an innovative suggestion to improve the forest conditions in the state. Forests have always contributed to the development of the rural sector of the country and hence, their development is directly proportional to the productivity of a forest.

The organizing committee comprised of Dr. Pallavi Gautam, Dr.S.S. Gautam, Dr.Vijaya Rawat, Dr. P.K. Mishra, Mrs.Ankika Sharma, Ms. Shradha Soni, Ms. Diksha Surya, Mr. Yogendra Adhikari and Mr. Arun Ranjan.


  • assistant professor- DBIMS

    Mr. Anirudh Kulkarni

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